MaxTrain Process Inc. recognizes our clients' need for confidential business dealings. We feel this is a mutually beneficial and very desirable requirement. We value our reputation and credibility.

The feeling of success!

When deadlines are looming, your competitors are inching ahead and costs are spiraling ever higher, there is no feeling in the business like beating all the targets…..early.

Work hard at the start and that will help take care of the late changes. We have learned to expect the unexpected.

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We are located in the heart of southwestern Ontario's manufacturing industry, in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Just across the Detroit River is the hub of the automotive manufacturing sector in Detroit, Michigan, USA.

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We Can Be Where You Are

We are minutes away from major Canadian or US highways and modes of transportation.

Nothing is foolproof to a sufficiently talented fool.

Knowing this and planning accordingly is one way we help to keep our client's costs in line with their project budget. Knowing the right methods to employ in manufacturing and not following the herd over the cliff, is one of our best attributes.

At MaxTrain Process Inc., we know which way the gears are turning.
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