Company Profile

  • Innovative and unique collaborative skills company
  • Facilitating problem resolution due to corporate downsizing
  • Highly trained, vast and varied experience available
  • Extremely flexible, custom tailored arrangements for clients
  • ┬áPartnered with well known suppliers of quality tools and equipment
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Production of Products and Services

Subcontractors will be hired to work on specific projects and are selected based on their area of expertise and experience. This allows us to draw from a larger labour pool and skill set. They will be hired only as needed, which means that during economic downturns our firm is not over staffed. Our group of companies working in concert will develop process or training plans. Personnel working directly with the client will then customize them.

Flexibility and Options

Many options are available. Clients without permanent engineering staff may choose to obtain the services of a particular specialist such as an assembly process developer or a safety systems expert. We can undertake a specific project and follow through to completion. Upon completion of the project, our client’s workforce has all the tools and expertise required to sustain the project goals.

Key Features of Services

Our clients stand to receive the benefits of our many years of training and experience. Our size allows for fast, effective solutions to a client's business problems. The experience is vast and varied, allowing us to offer creative, innovative solutions to complex problems and achieve successful results.


Safety Quality Productivity


Integrity Is everything.


Dependability How we operate.

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