Just Who Do We Think We Are?

We are experienced and highly trained experts in all manufacturing related fields from production supervision and manufacturing engineering, to plant and facilities engineering. Partnering with your bright and energetic workforce, we can help companies of all sizes, from a few employees to hundreds of employees, in both union and non-union environments. We can work on our own as well, providing industrial solutions. You choose, we deliver.

Industrial Miracles Performed

  • Mentoring of new engineers/ supervisors / maintenance personnel
  • Representing engineering firms to manufacturing facilities
  • Contract length partnering personnel
  • Investigating new products and processes for manufacturing facilities
  • Process engineering, analysis, project management, budget planning
  • Supply chain management.
  • Examine processes to identify quality improvements
  • Perform productivity studies to obtain cost reductions
  • Audit a product line to bring it to ISO standards
  • Have custom production machinery designed & built
  • Evaluate work place accident claims, design safer work processes
  • Implement best-in-class quick-change assembly tooling
  • Upgrade present equipment and /or facility
  • All types and sizes of project monitoring/coordinating efforts

Common Problems

  • Health & safety concerns
  • Product quality issues
  • Productivity losses
  • Who does what in the industry?

Uncommon Solutions

  • Ergonomics development
  • Assembly innovations
  • Unique production systems
  • Leading edge suppliers

The Advantage

Our comparative advantages in production are our low overhead and labour costs. We do not have to pay for under utilized staff or facilities.