Industry Outlook

The continuing economic uncertainty within the North American manufacturing industry increases the demand for consulting services. This demand will grow as many companies are reluctant to hire additional employees. Increasing amounts of work will be contracted to consultants as companies maintain tight control over labour costs. This trend is also true in the government sector, which is under increasing pressure to reduce costs by reducing their employment levels.

All market indications show that current trends in manufacturing will continue to dictate future corporate personnel policies similar to those of today. Companies must be able to predict changing market conditions and act swiftly to take advantage of slower competitors.

Employing bright, young, recent graduates who also have the benefit of 20, 30 or more years of experience to draw on make for an unbeatable combination. A company can then have the best of both conditions, employees who are able to act swiftly and decisively, without making the costly mistakes of inexperience.

Researching the Need for Consultants

Organizations are now realizing that years of downsizing and job-hopping in the overheated information technology economy have resulted in the loss of the corporate knowledge base. In many cases, the users do not really understand the systems that they are supposed to be using or enhancing.” Paul and Sarah Edwards, authors of Finding Your Perfect Work.

Elegance or Confusion?


To some people, this is a functional, elegant design. To others it represents something confusing and not at all comforting in its simplicity. It is an example of one person’s treasure is another’s….well, certainly not treasure. Let our professionals bridge the two extremes and render order out of confusion. That is what we do.